It's fall....errrr maybe winter? And that means a newpumping/nursingoutfit!

I just realized that since I'm rounding the corner to one year of nursing and about 7 months of pumping, that most of my time nursing or pumping has been through the summer months and all of my nursing tops or dresses are for those warmer months. In Chicago we have about 13 days of fall before we are forced into the coldest 9 months, and that means I need a new outfit for work and overall lounging.

Guys, I have found the best dress for my fall/winter needs!

The BOOB Simone nursing dress from one of my top maternity and nursing stores Figure8Maternity, can also be worn during pregnancy, so it's an overall win.  The things I love about this dress are that it allows for discreet nursing and also easy pumping. I have other tops or dresses with the side slits that allow for easy discreet nursing but not really good for pumping, too putzy. I was able to wear this dress to work paired with boots, but it's also super comfy to pair with leggings or tights for a lazy Sunday.
nursing in my Tula while being lost in a corn maze. Parenting win.

The price is a little on the higher end, but since you can wear it pretty much for the rest of your adult life, it's totes worth it. The size is pretty true and forgiving, not too tight or spandex-y, it's slightly long, hitting to almost my knee on my 5'8" frame, but would be super easy to hem for those shorties out there. It's nice to have something to mix up the wardrobe instead of the usual nursing top paired with a cardigan that I've been wearing the last 7 months since I've gone back to work... just saying.
who doesn't need a green ring and dinosaur feet to nurse?

Get the dress.

*I was not paid for my views or opinions of this dress*

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